Sacred Ground Counseling is located at the private home of the therapist in a exterior cottage in her backyard in Mechanicsburg near Mechanicsburg Senior High School.  This relaxed environment is ideal for creating an inviting, warm, personable atmosphere which is a extension of how Stacy conducts therapy. You will be given the address once you make an appointment.

Private Property and Crisis Due to the counseling cottage being located on private property, coming to the property when not having a scheduled session or without prior notification can be considered trespassing. Please notify the therapist should you desire to come to the property outside of your scheduled session. The therapist requests that the address of the office be kept private unless necessary. Should a mental health crisis occur between appointments, you are encouraged to go directly to the nearest hospital’s emergency room or call the Cumberland County Crisis Line at 1-866-350-4357 for care.  

Reach out to make an appointment or ask any questions. 

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