My approach to counseling is simply meeting people where they are. I am not an expert of your life. I will help you identify what resources, strengths, and resiliency you already have - or can foster - to help you find the solutions you are looking for. I will assist you in making small, intentional steps toward attainable and manageable goals. I also value helping adolescents, teenagers, and adults foster a new relationship to their emotions and a new perspective on their experience. When working with couples and families, I help partners and family members express themselves in a safe environment in order to find individual and relational healing. All counseling is done to the highest level of confidentiality as allowed by law and done in an atmosphere of compassion and empathy.  

Couples Counseling


Whether you're already feeling disconnected, experiencing a crisis or wondering about bolstering relationship skills, it is always the right time for couples counseling. 

Family Counseling


Life transitions, trauma, developmental changes can all put pressure on a family. Counseling can help a family reconnect and make sure everyone feels heard. 

Individual Counseling


Anxiety, depression, stress, grief, emotionally coping with illness, relational issues, and other life challenges can all be addressed in a safe and inviting atmosphere. 

Premarital counseling


Weddings are expensive and only last a day. Be intentional and invest in your marriage with potential of a lifetime of positive returns. 


Session & Fees:

50 Minute Sessions for individuals, families, and couples: $70 

If schedules and finances will permit, it is recommended that sessions are spaced at one time per week to start and then spaced out for longer periods over time. At minimum, it is recommended appointments be scheduled at least twice a month. The length of treatment is dependent on many factors including presenting issue, motivation, goals and available resources. 


I do not accept insurance at this time. I can provide a receipt of service, upon request, that you may attempt to submit to your provider for possible insurance reimbursement. Reimbursement cannot be guaranteed.

Scheduled / Missed Appointments: 

Please understand that your appointment time is reserved for you.  If you do not give advanced notice of cancellation, it prohibits other clients from meeting during that time.  Therefore, I ask that you give twenty-four hours advanced notice of cancellation to avoid being billed for that session.  Charges will be waived for an emergency situation or special circumstance, at the full discretion of the therapist.


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