Investing in Your Marriage

 Choosing to do premarital counseling could be the single most important decision you will make in planning your wedding. This is an investment into the rest of your lives together.  Take time in the midst of the chaos of the wedding details and learn more about yourself and the one you are committing to. During counseling, you will have the opportunity to explore areas of strength and find opportunities to grow closer together. 

Treatment Structure

 Premarital counseling takes a minimum of eight sessions to cover the core discussion areas. The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool is utilized as a spring board to begin conversations about preparing for marriage together.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a snapshot of your strength and growth areas. It has been scientifically proven to improve relationship dynamics and relationship skills when  combined with follow-up sessions with a trained facilitator. The assessment is taken online between counseling sessions and the generated report is utilized as a map to tailor sessions to the unique circumstances and life situations for each couple.

The cost is a fixed fee of $350 which includes eight counseling sessions and the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment. It is strongly recommended that all eight premarital sessions are scheduled before the wedding date, if possible. Additional sessions can be scheduled and will be priced per session.​ 

Core Discussion Areas

 · Communication

· Conflict Resolution

· Partner Style & Habits

· Financial Management

· Leisure Activities

· Sexual Expectations

· Family & Friends

· Roles & Responsibilities

· Spiritual Beliefs 

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